Eat more to weigh less

Every dieter’s dream and if you’re anything like me anything that allows me to eat more and lose weight is a good thing. Being a formerly major girl, I ate less than most people did, I do not know whether it was metabolism, my genetics but whatever I ate, however small went straight to my butt and my gut.

Shallow Focus Photography of Sliced Strawberries and Black Olives

It wasn’t until I tired something that I had never done before and that was to consume more food and more often that they weight finally budged, despite my previous belief and experiences.

I discovered that eating more really keep my insulin levels stable, the absence of spikes where my insulin levels would increase sharply influenced how I felt.

Eating more kept my energy levels steady and prevented me from wanting to binge eat. Additionally, it curbed my appetite.

My past experiences taught me was that eating even a small bar of chocolate had adverse effects on how I felt. I didn’t realist it triggered me to eat more since the low I felt was as a direct outcome of the sugar I had just consumed. The terrible lows were since my body secreted too much insulin to take out the sugar from blood from the chocolate it might cause my sugar level to fall like a stone.

Simply replacing refined and processed sugars with fruit which is just another form from sugar (fructose) fruit slow releases natural sugar to the bloodstream preventing your sugar levels from spiking.

Eat frequently, eat smaller meals. Here’s just a sample of what I would eat in a day:

Meal 3 – Steak With Sweet Potatoes

Meal 4 – Pumpkin Seed & Almonds

With all that food I felt spoiled and I mix and match my meals so I am always excited about my next meal, I never get bored.

Here’s a small tip, clenching your stomach and your buttocks muscles will help burn off the fat and sculpt that area faster. Don’t believe me? The second mountain you walk up tightening these muscles you’ll feel exactly what I’m talking about.

If you want to shed weight, you can, you just have to do it sensibly.