Getting over your first love

When ending any kind of relationship, it is always very hard and very painful, especially if you didn’t want that relationship to end, but it never compares to getting over your first love. Why is your first love the toughest relationship to get over? Not only is it challenging but you carry those memories of your first love with you for the rest of you life. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a new relationship or it is 10 years later, for some reason the connection you shared with your first love are the memories you share with your kids if they should ask, if daddy or mother was your first love. It’s annoying that this individual still has that effect on you. Those that have moved on from their first love can agree that the feelings we had for our first love, we’ll never feel again for any additional individual.

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They don’t call it your first love for nothing. You never hear about your next love or your third love and it’s because you may fall in love again but it will never be like your first love. What is so amazing about the feelings and emotions you feel for your first love is it is the first time ever experiencing love, the first time to just be head over heels about a person, the first time to really care about a person more than you do yourself. Getting on your first love is one of the hardest things you will ever have to take care of. The pain and frustration you go through, the emotions which influence how you eat and sleep and only function through out your day is truly overwhelming. What is worse is when you finally get over it and try to move forward, enter another relationship, you find yourself still searching to feel those same feelings in this new connection and the truth of the matter is that love you felt for your first love is a feeling you’ll never ever feel again.

It’s so tough to get over your first love because you don’t actually”get over” it. You just move on. It’s a memory you will always have with you and that person will always hold a spot in your heart that nobody can ever replace, even if he or she broke your heart. You can not help it. Sometimes you just need to forget about that person and that connection, particularly if things got bad towards the end, but your heart and the experience won’t ever enable you to. You will always wonder how that person is doing, whether he or she is happy in life, if he or she is married or have any kids. That individual will always cross your mind every now and then. It doesn’t matter if you’re involved in a new relationship. People today tend to think that if you are truly happy, then your first love shouldn’t come to mind, but that is just not correct. You might hear a song that reminds you of your first love or you may see something in your new relationship that you once did with your first love, or sometimes you just can’t help but to compare that relationship to your new relationship.

We just learn how to proceed. We learn how to pick up the bits and accommodate. Life goes on and we move forward. The best advice I can give anybody when trying to get over your first love is to concentrate on living your life. Do not concentrate so much on”I just have to get over this individual”. Life can help you proceed because nothing ever stays the same. Adopt the changes in your life that most of us face in life. Focus on you! Focus on the people in your life which will always be there and that bring you joy, like your loved ones and close friends. You don’t want to deal with this alone. You need to surround yourself with people who love you and that will encourage you. Another way that will help you get through it’s creating a journal and writing down your feelings in addition to your targets. That has always helped me get through hard times. It’s a way to release those inner feelings which you might not want to admit to anyone else. Listening to music is also another valuable tool. Of course you don’t want to follow anything that’s going to make you sad. Like love songs or songs that remind one of that connection. You need to listen to up beat music and audio that will make you happy, that will help motivate you to get up and get out the house.

Although you will never experience that kind of love you felt with your first love, the good news is that you still have something better to anticipate and that’s when you find your real love. Just like there is nothing like Lake Worth Raccoon Removal, well there is nothing like your real love either. You can’t compare your first love to real love. So when you’re attempting to get over your first love, just keep in mind your real love is out there and when you find it, it is going to be so much better.