Double vs. Single wide trailer

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Over the past ten years or so, manufactured homes (still commonly called mobile homes) have come to be a excellent alternative for new homebuyers. Unlike the older shoddy mobile homes in trailer parks that people think of, manufactured homes today come as two-story homes as well as city houses and include features like cathedral ceilings and fireplaces.

Single broad or single-section mobile homes are made of a single major unit. The typical single side manufactured home typically has about 1,100 square feet of living space while double wides typical about 1,700 square feet. Obviously, there are also bigger manufactured houses, but single- and double-wides continue to be the most frequent sizes.

Manufactured homes do have their own problems. According to Consumer Reports, single-section houses have more problems with roofs, floors, windows, and doorways while multi-section home problems are normally associated with the linking of the sections.

In part the issues relate to how the house is constructed in a factory and then transported to a different place via flatbed truck. The movement involved may have a negative impact on the joints and connectors. However, manufacturers of quality houses do their best to fix any issues which might occur during transport.

Nowadays it might even be impossible to discern the difference between a mobile home and an onsite home unless you’ve seen it being assembled. The most common distinction is that manufactured homes generally have a lower roof slope since the home needs to be transferred under highway bridges.

On the flip side, the materials currently used are somewhat comparable to the quality of site-built houses and, aside from roof slope, generally resemble”regular” houses. Really, if a manufactured home were not found in a”trailer park”, most people would be hard-pressed to discern the difference.

Nowadays more double-wides are offered than single-wides. In good part this is because the normal home buyer want more space, not less, and double-wides provide that at a cost that’s still far more affordable than a conventional home of the identical size.

. . .their value in comparison with single-wide homes.